A long week…

It’s been one of those weeks, prepping for lectures, getting students ready for exams and grading papers …and meeting dreaded mark deadlines.

It was one of those weeks where you have no other option but to put your head down and put in some long hours.

Due to the lack of time this week I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility of the ONL course …and because of it being online, at any given time, when inspiration hits, I can contribute to group work. I’ve been wondering how my other group members are finding things …and its comforting to know you not walking through this process alone.

I feel I need to go deeper into the content that is provided and I am hoping after the next coming week, once the students go on study leave I can fully embrace the learning material. Spend a day really going through all the videos and papers.


3 thoughts on “A long week…

  1. I like the frog picture! I can relate to being torn by lots of other things to do, sometimes the to-do lists just keep filling up! Also looking forward to moving on from the introductory phase and going more deeply into learning the content, lets hope we find interesting things to discuss in the pbl-group and in the webinars!


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